Montag, 11. April 2011

Amnesia review

My (scared) thoughts on Amnesia

During my search for a good Horror-game for the Wii (Calling), instead I found Amnesia - The Dark Desent (PC).
Well and I have to say, this is the most intense fu**ed-up Horror-survival I have ever played. I played some Resident Evil parts, Doom 3, the Stalker series, Dead Space 1+2 and I thought all of them (especially Stalker) are pretty much rape. BUT there is one big difference between all those games and Amnesia.. you don't have a fucking gun! It's only human flesh vs. claws!
This means you can only run away. Oh I forgot to mention, you have to solve puzzles AND run away.
Meanwhile your vision will get blurry if you're to long in the dark.. you'll hear steps behind you and lots of other disturbing noises.
That's pretty much everything that counts - there's nothing to complain about the graphics or the gameplay, also it's not completly full of scripted shit like FEAR.
So, if you like screaming alone in your dark room, you'll need Amnesia.
Pro tipp: Play alone - loud - headphones - night - extreme dark. (Turn the Gamma down and the Soundvolume up until your pants start getting warm and smelly!)

Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

Assassins Creed Brotherhood (PC) review

My thoughts on Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Sorry for letting all followers wait so long, but it took me 2 days for the first playthrough (not 48h) and I had some work to do.
So first of all, my expectations were somehow extremely low. I actually thought it's mainly focused on some crappy Multiplayer-mode and wouldn't take part in the actuall story in single-player. Well I'm glad it's the absolute opposite.
It really only is Assassins Creed 2.5 but the story (which for me is the best part of the game) actually is important and worth playing. The story is also incredibly detailed and almost correct - DaVinci was really working in Rome at that time - the whole story around the Borgia is correct (even though the incest is only old gossip). The probably biggest flaw (of course after the whole Assassin stuff) is, that Macchiavelli actually was an admirer of Cesare Borgia and not an enemy.
WARNING - little Spoiler - The game isn't really that long - it's brutally lengthened with Achievements and billion tons of crap to gather and search. The whole game you'll only be around in Rome NO where else!!! The only thing worth gathering is the Brutus Armor - it looks cool and is (I think) the best you can get - also the quests you have to do, to get the Armor are really nice. All in all AC-B has lots of Indiana Jones parts in it somehow, which I really liked. Of course I don't have to add anything to the gameplay, there's really nothing else (or not much)

So guys... if you liked the first two parts, you'll really like this part, the story isn't bad, the quests are nicely thought through (even the small ones); so it's up to you, if 2-3 days of fun are worth the money.

Also thanks to everyone for the suggestion on games I should review - I'll come back to them late, but I allready found 1-2 new games I'd like to review, but first I have to get them somehow (Fatal Frame 4 for Wii - I'll need a working iso + english Patch)

Freitag, 1. April 2011

Coming reviews?!

I'm planning on playing a little bit Assassins Creed Brotherhood (even though it's not the newest game right now). So I'll make a review about this one. But after that I'm a little bit thoughtless right now. I'd be glad about any suggestions from my loyal readers.