Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Dead Island review

My thoughts on Dead Island:

Finally a game I was waiting for (almost 4 years?!). In many reviews Dead Island is compared to Left for Dead; well I have to admit I haven't played any Left for Dead at all, so I can't tell if it's better or worse (most say worse). First I'll try to describe it:
It's something like a mix of Resident Evil + Crysis + Fallout + Diablo 2. Resident Evil because of the different Zombies; Crysis because of the Island; Fallout because of the freedom in the world and Diablo 2 because of the items and the hacking and slaying + collecting.
You shouldn't search for a deep story - because the story is more like Contra for example - just kill everything. Which means it's more of a Ko-op game. So don't play alone and go get 3 friends.
Besides [playing it for "free" online, is pretty easy].
Now some details:
You can choose from 4 different characters, each of them has his own speciality and a 3 unique skilltrees. There is a huge variaty of weapons and modifications - baseballbat + nails = nailed baseballbat!!!! - from a Katana to a Sledgehammer to a machine gun; there is everything and they have different unique levels.
So if you think a (almost) free world RPG Ko-op Zombie slaying game is something for - it's Dead Island.
But now some disadvantages:
Well as said, there is no real story. The graphics aren't really great (maybe a little bit worse then Far Cry 2?). It somehow can get boring, because you're really just hacking and slaying like a retard the whole game through. Can't think of anything negative right now.
So, I hope I could help you with your decision of playing this game - see you next review.
Next time, I'll try and hack my Wii again (Letterbomb) and I'll try some Wii games (Xenoblade, FatalFrame 4, the calling).

Sonntag, 4. September 2011

ARMA 2: Free review

My thoughts on Arma2: Free

Sorry for not reviewing anything new, but it'll take some time until there's something worth reviewing (for exmaple Dead Island; A10 Warthog). So for now, I'll just review something older which isn't so well known. Not everyone is aware, that there is a Free Multiplayer Version of Arma 2. First of all that's pretty awesome, but of course there are some disadvantages you should know.
If you don't know Arma2 or Operation Flashpoint or Bohemia Interactive in general, you're most likely female, underage, both or one of those Call of Duty / Battelfield retards who think, that's how real war looks like herp derp - konsols are best! Well Arma 2 is a military-simulator - so not some other FSP. Most likely you'll just die from one shot and you'll probably have no fucking idea were it came from. If you're lucky and survive a hit, you'll probably just bleed and roll around on the ground crying for a medic for the rest of the game.
So the obvious advantage is, it's free! Second, it's pretty fun as a multiplayer game, for example playing a special ops mission with some friends.
But there are some ugly disadvantages. Worst of all, you most likely wont get the graphics and/or performace you'd like to have. My PC is 5 years old, so it's not that surprising for me, but an i7+GTX 560 isn't much of a help either!! + the free version has crappy textures (well it's free).
Secondly, well it's a multiplayer version, so there is only 1 single player mission and 2 benchmarks.

So, that's about it - the mission editor could probably be interesting for you - or at least it's interesting because there are many extra maps/fun maps.