Sonntag, 28. August 2011

Deux Ex: Human Revolution review

My thoughts on Deus Ex

Well finally I was able to just start playing yesterday (the whole day through). And my very first impression was 'boring'; but it gets better with the time. So now I'm past the first Boss encounter and now the games is becoming real fun.
The whole game feels a little bit like FPS-Mass Effect with some elements of Fallout, Bioshock and Splinter Cell - so it must be fun at some point.
The story isn't bad, but it could be a little bit more thrilling or more dramatic dunno - even though I'm not that type, but I think it lacks some emotions. The gameplay isn't really new, so you get used to it quickly; shoot peoples head or sneak behind them, then trigger 'Q', hide bodys, job done.
That's about the most negative I could find + two bugs (a corpse and a basketball fell through the ground).
What I really like, is the dialog system! You wont believe me, but it's somewhat better than Mass Effect for example. In most situations you can actually controll the conversation and you can't just make good(blue) and bad(red) decisions - you really just make your own decision.
What's almost better is the difficulty! I really love the difficulty - I heard it fits your skills dynamically?! Not sure if that's true, but it feels like it. The first Boss encounter was really difficult but still wasn't frustrating. Maybe he was difficult because he had a gattling-arm and I was specialised on hacking?!
So, I'd say, go get the game - it's not ultra innovative but still pretty fun - and you can't tell that from the last games of this year!

Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

I'm back

Sorry to anyone who follows me, that it took so long for my next post.
Well first of all, I had a lot of studying; second, my Computer is somehow wounded (my CPU becomes 82°C even with my ne huge fan on it); well and third, all the time there were no fucking games worth to review?!
I tried some Witcher 2, but this is the first game, which is just to heavy for my old computer.
I played some Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition - not much to review here, it's somewhat the same as normal SF4, just lots of new Chars.
But hopefully I'll get my hands on the new Deus Ex today or tomorrow and I'll try to give you all one of my honest reviews.

See you tomorrow.