Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

Dragon Age 2 review

My thoughts on Dragon Age 2:

First of all, it was fun enough for 2 playthroughs. But it simply isn't as good as Origins. You can actually feel the rape performed by EA (probably). There is much more action and it got alot simpler - so I believe you could say it was mainstreamed. The Elves and Qunari got a strange makeover (which I actually like, but it's still retarded somehow), a little bit like the Drenai in World of Warcraft (If you know the Drenai in WC3).
The gameplay has much more action, better fighting animation, nice spells, nice gore; the fighting simply makes more fun. But that's it allready. Most of the time you're only in Kirkwall. The story isn't deep at all. The characters have no real personality and not the Origins (or Mass Effect) depth. You can still make alot of different choices during the game, but you'll never get the feeling of really changing anything.
At first I played a male warrior, which is pretty much hack n slay fun. But as mentioned I was dissapointed by the game. So on the second playthrough I chose a female rouge and put the difficulty on hard. Keeping an eye open for achievements, setbonus armor and special side quests pushes the motivation alot. Setting the difficulty on hard or nightmare forces you to pause more often and think about tactics, the enemy, and possible class combinations.
I'm hoping for really good DLC and/or Addon.


  1. I loved Origins and the DLCs too much to even try DA2... I know it'll disappoint me.
    I'll just wait for TES5 instead.

    Followed! ;)

  2. i've played this game before at my fiends house pretty cool game

  3. I havn't played it, but after reading this i might give it try!

  4. I hate DLCs it's just milking your own customers again ... check out Mafia II and it's multiple dlcs

  5. the comment was ment for Razor...srry bout the double post

  6. Good stuff! I really like the layout of your blog too. I'll be looking for more stuff from you.

  7. Janez, you're right. DLCs for swords and items is stupid. I actually meant "expansions" as if they were such, because they were really really short.
    But I agree with you.

  8. I've heard a lot about this, I might try it out now!