Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

The Witcher Review

My thoughts on the witcher

 First of all, sorry to all my followers for waiting so long, but I had some major changes in life and simply had no time for playing games and therefor no time for blogging.
So, after crapping my pants with Amnesia, I've been searching for something more relaxing - a role-playing game perhaps?! On my search I found the new Trailer and gameplay for 'the witcher 2' and remembered I allways wanted to try this one, just forgot it everytime.

Positive thoughts:
The first thing I like is; the game seems pretty huge - it took me almost 2 days to get to the near end of chapter 2 - and there are like 7 chapters (5 chapters+proloug+ending). The areas/cities are pretty big as well - without becoming similiar. Also very important - even though you have to walk a lot, it's not that annoying.
The story is solid. All quests (primary or side quest) are thought through properly and you even have to THINK sometimes (W T F? thinking???). But all in all the story isn't really ground breaking - but at least not bad.
What I really like - are the minigames and side quests going along with those games. You can win some money pretty easy with boxing some guys in the tavern or you play some dice-poker(yahtzee?!). There are also some hard to find dialogs and quests with (for example) normal looking citizens - most of them ending with sex...
Somehow in the whole game you won't find the normal sensation of allways finding better equip - but it's fun to search for weapon improvements/recipies/trophies/other secrets.

Negative thoughts:
The biggest pile of crap in the game - is the fighting system! You fight, by simply clicking + pressing some spells... that's it. I can't explain why I don't like it (because at some point it's like the Gothic series - which I actually like), but it's really boring and lame (and I'm normally not the Micheal Bay-games type!).
The second worst thing in the game is the skilltree! The options are extremely limited - put some points in strength and some in the sword fighting tree and some points in magic.. done. Absolutely NO combinations or any opportunities for building something unique! Which gets to the next point.
It's NO role-playing game!!!!! You're the goddamn witcher.. that's it!

So for everyone who is waiting for 'the witcher 2' - playing 'the witcher' first probably isn't that bad, somehow it's definitely fun.


  1. Never heard of that game before.

    Amnesia ftw!

  2. I saw this game for just $7 at the shops the other day!

  3. so its not a rpg? i dont know... i like rpgs very much. but ill try out that thing too your post made me interested in it

  4. Hmm doesn't sound like my cup of tea, but thanks for the review.

  5. I enjoy the large maps, it's always fun to explore for a few hours and see what the designers hid in the corners of the map.

  6. Don't worry about blogging. Real Life is more important!

  7. I agree with your points in the review, especially with the battle systen one.

  8. I haven't played this game at all. After your review I doubt I will, especially about the combat. Oh well, maybe I will give it a try : -p

  9. I do like rpgs. I might check this out

  10. always considered playing this game. i think im gunna give it a shot. FOLLOWED btw! :) check mine out if you get the chance!